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The name, cash discount, may be somewhat confusing when it comes to the payment process. Though cash discounts are granted when the payments are made in cash, they are also granted when payments are made via credit transfer, as long as this happens within the discount period. This means that paying in cash is not required in order to receive a cash discount. This is a fairly high interest rate, and on discount terms that are not especially high. Consequently, offering a cash discount is not always a good idea for the seller, unless it is severely short of cash.

Every state and country may have its own rules regarding cash discounts. You’ll want to brush up on local regulations to make sure you’re not breaking any laws while you’re out there saving money. Note that this fee is the only one you’ll have to pay and includes equipment rental, software licensing, account maintenance, PCI compliance, and any other recurring expense you might incur. It does not, however, include chargeback fees or any other type of incidental fee.

Users accrue points by uploading print or digital receipts of their purchases from grocery stores, liquor stores, gas stations and convenience stores, among other shops, according to Rakuten. Fetch is a money-saving service that allows users to earn rewards by uploading pictures of their receipts to its mobile app. Here are four shopper-oriented apps that can save you money, and even put some money back into your pockets. When Z makes payment on the 10th day, he will have to pay only 980,000 (1,000,000 – 2% of 1,000,000).

  • The first journal is to record the cash being received from the customer.
  • In order to provide an incentive for this, many service providers and distributors offer a price reduction in the amount of a certain percentage of the invoice total.
  • Providing a few perks can help you grow your customer base and keep them coming back to buy the products or services you offer.
  • One of the best ways to get your customers to pay their bills early is to offer them a cash discount.

While legal requirements are pretty minimal, credit card associations are a little more demanding. Be sure to review the policies for every type of credit card you accept. Every trader is pleased when they see that their customers have paid the invoices made out to them. And to grant an incentive for this, many service providers and distributors offer a price reduction in the amount of a certain percentage of the invoice total. Fortunately, your merchant services or payment services provider can set up the cash discount program to automate the pricing computations and adjustments.

Cash discount – What is a cash discount?

Cash discounts are usually called purchase discounts from the buyer’s perspective and sales discounts from the seller’s perspective. In some cases it can be quite advisable to take out a short-term loan in order to make use of the supplier’s cash discount – not only as a seller, but also as a private individual. However, the situation should first be analyzed, as it’s possible that the bank’s interest rates are so high that taking out a loan is not worth it.

An example of a typical cash discount is a seller who offers a 2% discount on an invoice due in 30 days if the buyer pays within the first 10 days of receiving the invoice. Giving the buyer a small cash discount would benefit the seller as it would allow her to access the cash sooner. Cash discounts are deductions allowed by some sellers of goods, or by some providers of services, to motivate customers to pay their bills within a specified time. Card brands (like Visa, Mastercard, and others) have their own set of rules and guidelines when it comes to payment methods and discounts. You’ll want to make sure your cash discount program aligns with these rules to stay in their good graces. One unavoidable truth about cash discounting is that this method works better for some business categories than others.

Should I offer a cash discount to my customers?

Early payment means better cash flow for your business, and the discount rewards your customers who pay early. This payment term means that the buyer has an option to avail a 2% cash discount from the invoice price if the payment is made within the first 10 days of receiving the invoice. If you have been looking to find out more about cash discounting and their overall value for businesses over virtual card payment processor integrations, today’s guide should have given a brief introduction. One of the main primary examples of this occurs when a customer is invoiced for an item or service.


In the end, the customer is happy to receive a discount while the merchant accepts the full value of the product or service—free of credit card fees. My dentist offers a 5% cash discount if the dental fee is paid on the day of the service. This discount is offered to avoid the expenses of billing, mailing statements for unpaid amounts, processing partial payments, not collecting amounts owed, etc. The dentist and others accept credit card payments and pay a fee to a credit card processor in order to avoid similar expenses. However, surcharges cannot be applied to prepaid cards and debit cards, limiting their versatility. By contrast, since a cash discount offers a small percentage off on payments made with cash (thereby avoiding the processing fees), they are able to get around these restrictions legally.

What is a cash discount for merchants?

Note that transparency at checkout is a crucial part of the process. A cash discount is a type of sales discount, sometimes called an early settlement discount, and is recorded in the accounting records using two journals. The first journal is to record the cash being received from the customer.

Virtually every credit card terminal, mobile card reader, and point of sale (POS) system on the market can be programmed to automatically apply a cash discount if a non-credit card payment method is used. If you’re using a Clover product, it’s as simple as downloading and configuring the Cash Discounting app from the Clover Marketplace. Cash discount programs are fully legal within all jurisdictions in the United States as long as all compliance requirements are met.

Also, the company discloses that its cash discounting program will not work for tip-adjust transactions (i.e., restaurants, salons, barbershops, etc.). Cash discounting is offering a discount on a product or service to customers who pay with cash. Businesses use cash discounting to avoid credit card processing fees. It is seen more commonly with small or mom-and-pop businesses, especially those with a lot of customers already paying in cash or those with particularly tight margins. Businesses use cash discounting to lower their overall credit card processing costs by passing the transaction processing costs onto their customers who choose to pay with a credit card.

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